About GET - Gildenhuys Earthmoving, Tankers

Gildenhuys Earthmoving Tankers (GET) is proud to be known as one of the top manufacturers of Water Tankers, Honeysucker Tankers, Diesel Tankers, Fire Fighters and Specialized Hydraulic Systems. GET developed durable and cost effective Tanker structures, giving our clients the capability to expand their business and to rely on the end product.

GET is leading the way, and are able to engineer any specifi cations and requirements. We are committed to provide the customer with the very best manufacturing materials and high quality standards. We specialise in design and manufacturing of customized tankers to fit any truck or vehicle.

The philosophy introduced will add value to the client and establish a relationship by emphasizing on openness and professionalism.
We strive towards excellence that will create openness for trust that can be refl ected on a guaranteed loyal client structure.

We are fully registered body builders.

Manufacture world class products at local prices since 2007
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